What We Do

We can help you!

We provide concreting services to commercial and residential customers on the Gold Coast and South East Queensland:

  • reinstatement of concrete
  • repairs
  • Concrete work on fuel sites
  • Concrete removal
  • Pool surrounds
  • Driveways and crossovers
  • stairs and steps
  • patios and sheds
  • carports and parking areas
  • slab foundations and footings
  • surface cleaning and resealing


What sort of finish do you want?

We can advise on the best finish for your purposes and style including:

  • plain concrete
  • colour-through concrete
  • polished concrete
  • spray-on decorative finish
  • feature effects
  • exposed aggregate


Here's why you must use us...

Gold Coast Concrete Designs on-site staff are fully certified concreters who have studied and passed their concreting examinations.

This means apart from being highly experienced, they also have the academic qualifications to prepare, place and finish your project to a high standard.


Gold Coast Concrete Designs is fully licensed with the QLD Building Services Authority and NSW Office of Fair Trading.

This means we are monitored and registered and comply with state regulations which are to your advantage.

If you'd like to check our up to date licenses with the QLD Building Services Authority, click here and enter 1079102 in the 'License No:' box. (Note: If the above link doesn't work, you can click here to go via the main homepage.)


Gold Coast Concrete Concrete Designs is fully insured as a business and each individual project staff person is also fully insured in case of unexpected on-site accidents.

Many contractors cut their costs by not being insured to save on their operating costs, which puts you at risk as the 'principal contractor'.

If you'd like a copy of our most recent insurance documents, please email us at Our Email Addressrequesting up to date insurance documents and we'll be happy to email you an electronic copy.

Standards of Quality

Gold Coast Concrete Designs guarantee to conform to the standards as set by the Queensland Building Services Authority.

This means we use recommendations such as minimum concrete thicknesses, use of correct grade steel reinforcement, sand and/or road base, control joints to avoid concrete cracking, concrete-to-concrete joins, etc.

This means you get a high quality finish you can be proud of.

AIP and Work Clearance System Certified

Gold Coast Concrete employees have been trained and accredited by the Work Place Clearance Group.   This allows us to competently and safely work where Petroleum materials are stored such as Fuel Depots and Fuel Service Station sites.